Tower Plaza Medical Center to bring economic boom to Southlake

The Medical Center at Tower Plaza, a nearly 65,000 square foot hospital to be located on Southlake Blvd in the heart of Southlake’s business development area, is set to open November of 2011. Not only will the City of Southlake now house a state-of-the-art general hospital for its residents, but the facility will be a center of surgical excellence bringing in patients from all over the state. The Offices at Tower Plaza, an accompanying two-story medical office building is also being planned. Both projects, in addition to providing enhanced medical services for the residents of Southlake, will significantly increase the real estate tax base in the area.

The hospital will contain walk-in Urgent Care, Outpatient Services, Imaging and Wellness Center on the ground floor, surgery suites on the second floor and 24 first-class patient rooms on the third floor. The Offices at Tower Plaza have already received significant interest from medical professionals both within and outside of Southlake.

The anticipated economic impact on the community, both during and following construction will be significant. Local restaurants and retail establishments will be the first to benefit. Following completion, the hospital anticipates an employment base of at least 150 professionals, many of which will be new to or will travel from outside of the Southlake area, bringing new revenue to the city.

As part of the project, new roads are also being built by the developers to guide the new activity in the area. ‘Plaza Boulevard’ will be a new north/south road entrance and Zena Rucker Road will undergo an extension. Contiguous sidewalks will also be provided on both thoroughfares. In total the project is estimated to be a $40 Million investment into the community.

The team bringing this project to Southlake is experienced and committed to the success of the project. Physician Synergy Group, the operator of the hospital, is a physician-owned company that is at the forefront of today’s new business model for health care. They are able to deliver the highest standards of quality patient care and optimal financial returns for stakeholders by placing physicians in a co-management partnership of its medical facilities. Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center are two local success stories for PSG. The project developer is Vision Southwest Silverlake, a partnership of Visions Southwest, a local development company with millions of square feet of development experience (much of it in Southlake and the surrounding communities) and Medreal, a group of local physician investors. This joint development effort ensures success for the facility and its community.

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