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Healthcare Development & Management

We are a premier healthcare development and management company. We build health partnerships and innovative healthcare models focused on people, service, growth, and financial outcomes, with an emphasis on ambulatory services, surgery centers, specialty surgery hospitals and smaller acute care general hospitals.  We focus on providing resources and management for facilities at every aspect of patient care. Our involvement and services often include concept development, evaluation, joint venture relationships, ensuring full operations, and continued management oversight of functional areas.

Since our inception, our focus remains steadfast – healthcare models that integrate technological advances, improve service delivery and offer impressive financial returns.  Our approach combines the strengths of our team inclusive of physicians and other healthcare leaders. As we embrace our accomplishments, we look forward to building new ventures with health care partners nationwide.

Our Track Record of Success

Physician Synergy Group also excels in terms of its track record. From its first hospital development—Pine Creek Medical Center in Dallas, Texas—Physician Synergy Group has enjoyed an uninterrupted history of unequivocal, quantifiable success. A clear and detailed methodology and set of processes was utilized in the successful start-up and ongoing management of Pine Creek. The adherence to high-quality implementation in every phase of a de novo hospital project or healthcare facility acquisition is the rule at Physician Synergy Group.

THE RESULT? Consistent improvements in patient care, higher levels of physician and staff satisfaction, enhanced operational efficiency, and excellent returns on investment.

Our History

Physician Synergy Group was founded in 2007 with a primary focus on acquiring, developing and managing acute-care hospitals, with the involvement of physicians and other healthcare professionals as either owners or managers.

In the wake of recent healthcare reform, Physician Synergy Group is setting the standard for a new business model in hospital operations, founded on a structure and philosophy that few—if any—other hospital management companies can match.

Unlike conventional hospital management groups, Physician Synergy Group is led by a practicing physician, as well as experts in finance and healthcare operations. Because of this, Physician Synergy Group is uniquely capable of bringing both medical sensibilities and business acumen to the equation, resulting in an optimal alignment of medical and financial interests.

The physician-owners of Physician Synergy Group stay well abreast of clinical efficiency and best practices in patient-care outcome management. They are still hands-on in their medical practices, providing Physician Synergy Group’s senior management with intelligence and relevant insights regarding the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective clinical processes and patient care.


Our Location

Physician Synergy Group

5605 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 310
Irving, Texas  75038
Phone: 972-812-3300
Fax: 972-812-3301
Web: www.physiciansynergy.com

Why Choose Us?

History of Successful Management of Specialty Healthcare Facilities

We bring dedicated resources with the specific knowledge, experience and a record of success to the development, and management of specialty healthcare facilities.

Personal Service

We are a small firm that provides personal service to our clients. The client will not get lost in the shuffle and will deal directly with senior officers and resources. We believe that personal relationships and rapport are key to a successful project for the long term.

Diverse Experience that Benefits All Parties

We have developed physician joint ventured facilities, representing different stakeholders in different projects, whether they be the physicians, a hospital or health system partner, or simply a financial partner.  This give us a unique perspective on providing mutual benefit to all participants.

Founded & Led by a Practicing Physician

We were founded and are led by a practicing physician. As such she provides excellent insight into the needs of physicians, not only from a clinical perspective but also from a business and personal perspective.  While there are many changes occurring in health care, physicians are still the ultimate navigators of physician care.

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